From Victor Ananias (1971-2011)

By , November 22, 2010 5:21 am

Why is it that we talk  about the environment as an external condition or source?
Why did we as humans give up on following nature’s principles for survival and having a good life, especially in the last century?
How did the human-made economy start to dominate the real sense of nature?
Why do we have a big society of never satisfied consumers, driving unsustainable production which is growing in the wildest ways?
Why are fresh air, clean water, healthy food and a basic home not considered as the foundation of life any more?
The Buğday movement started with the search for answers to these questions. The first initiators of the Buğday movement looked for those answers in real life, in the farmers’ markets as well as the traditions, the culture and wisdom in Turkey. The movement rapidly grew with the abundance of answers gathered. This led the organization to become a democratic, open and active NGO in Turkey, working in many different areas of ecological living. Buğday always works with a holistic approach, taking its power from the country’s richness and diversity.
Turkey is a land of immense cultural diversity. Being a melting pot of ethnicities, rooted in many different cultures makes us very colorful. As a result of our culture having so many different sounds, it is not always easy to compose a good symphony. Taking this fact into account, Buğday Association follows the traditions of the ancestors who lived on this land with an open mind.
Buğday has been active in lobbying, taking part in policy making to follow up Turkey’s EU accession negotiations closely. Buğday invests in a variety of people, believing that good seeds grow healthy only if they are sown with good intentions.
For 20 years the Buğday movement has been building bridges between people and organizations to create an abundance of healthy seeds and harvests. The doors of Buğday Association are open to all with good intentions, with good seeds in hand to share and grow.
Victor Ananias ( the Founder of  Buğday Association)

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