Produce & Protect

By , November 22, 2010 4:19 am

The human activity that occupies the largest land area in nature is agriculture. The land does not have to be cleared from human activity to be protected, it should be protected and enriched by human life and activities.

Historically, the impact of Turkish agriculture upon the environment was relatively benign. Until the early 1950s, more than 80% of the inhabitants of Turkey still lived in villages. But subsistence and semi-subsistence farming is a way of life that is now rapidly changing as agriculture continues to modernize, and small-scale farming is abandoned by an increasing number of people because of the poor socioeconomic conditions in the rural areas compared to the cities.

Between January 2006- November 2008, Buğday Association undertook a Project called “Supporting the Development of a National Agri-Environment Programme for Turkey”. The project provided a thorough analysis of the impact of Turkish agriculture, High Nature Value Farmland potential in Turkey and agri-environmental policy making in both Europe and Turkey. The reports and the book that were produced provide a basis for policy makers and institutions alike.

Funding: The Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quailty under the BBI-MATRA.

Partners: Avalon Foundation, Institute for European Environmental Policy, Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

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