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By , November 22, 2010 4:20 am

The foundation of 100% Ecological Farmers’ Markets in Turkey is nothing short of a miracle. In 2004, Buğday started its lobbying efforts in the Ministry of Agriculture in favor of ecological farming and marketing. Having accomplished that, Buğday founded the first 100% Ecological Farmers’ Market in Şişli in 2006. The market that started with 48 stalls has expanded to 250 within 4 years. Following the success of the Şişli market, Buğday founded three more farmers’ markets in İstanbul, as well as in other cities like Antalya and Samsun.

The ecological farming that started with 8 kinds of produce in 1985, has expanded to 200 kinds on 165 hectars of land farmed by 15.000 farmers.

The number of ecological farmers have increased 35% since 2004. Without a doubt, the success of 100% Ecological Farmers’ Markets and the recognition it has gained plays a significant role in the upward move of the domestic production and consumption of ecological produce in Turkey. Buğday’s 100% Farmers’ Markets host ecological-themed workshops, seminars, events and education programs on a weekly basis.

Not only do they provide food that is good for the people and the environment, they also function as ecological oases within the cities.

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