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By , November 22, 2010 4:23 am

Buğday has one terrific asset: Its team. Devoted and determined, our strength comes from a bunch of good people with good intentions.

Victor Ananias

Founder of the Buğday Movement
Rest in peace… (www.victorananias.org)

Leyla Ünlübay
Member of the Board 
Project Coordinator of Şişli 100% Ecological Farmers’ Market
Having worked at the 100% Ecological Farmers’ Markets ever since they were founded, Leyla knows all the organic producers by heart. Even after all these years, she still has the best interest of the producers at heart: On a good day at the market when the produce is sold out, she is happy with the farmers, and on a bad day you can tell that her heart sinks.

Burcu Meltem Arık
Member of the Board

Serdar İskit
Member of the Board

Batur Şehirlioğlu
Member of the Board
Coordinator of 100% Ecological Farmers’ Markets
Coordination of several 100% Ecological Farmers’ Markets is not an easy task – in order to sustain the public’s trust in the ecological markets, there is not much room for mistakes. This is where Batur’s engineering background comes in handy; with an analytical thought process, Batur gets the job done.

Ahmet Berkay Atik
Member of the Board
Coordinator of TaTuTa Project (www.tatuta.org)

Güneşin Oya Aydemir
Member of the Coordination Comittee
A biologist, a woman of the moon… Güneşinfollows the changes in nature and movements of the moon closer than any of us. When we get lost in the rush of our daily lives, Güneşin is the wake up call to remind us why we are working for Buğday in
the first place. Güneşin lives in Adatepe, the village where Çamtepe, Buğday’s rural center is located.

Oya Ayman
Editor in Chief of Publications, Member of the Communications Team
If you are in a hurry and need something, anything, urgently, you can go to Oya. Ever practical, she always has a solution for every problem we may face. Oya is our channel to the outside world, with her media connections and several years of experience in journalism.

Gizem Altın Nance
Director of Communications
After studying and working as a publicist in Los Angeles for seven years, Gizem quit her job, packed her bags and started a trip around the world on her bicycle. Having cycled through the toughest, driest deserts in the world, Gizem breezes through the last-minute deadlines and tough decisions. She is happy to be working for “good people doing good things”.

Duygu Kayadelen
Projects Director

Barış Tunç Aslan
Membership Relations Coordinator

Mehmet Gürmen
Member of the Coordination Comittee
Mehmet is responsible for; 
– The Seed Exchange Project
– Buğday’s IT & Software backbone

Dilber Nalçacı
Office Assistant
Looking for something in the office? Ask Dilber. You need a phone number? She has it. Dilber knows pretty much everything in the office and if she does not, she will make sure that whatever the job, it will get done.

Nahide Soner

Lalehan Uysal
Director of Corporate Identity
You think that design is good? Wait until you ask Lalehan. She has an eye that sees things, tiny little faults or simple improvements that normal people can’t see. That is why we always knock on her door everytime we need advice about our fliers, billboards, magazines, guides… Luckily, her door is always open.


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