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The seeds of Buğday were first twinkled on a small market stand selling whole rice, olive oil, sage, thyme and sea salt at the Bodrum bazaar in 1990. In the following years, it was transformed to Basak Naturcafe which by its herbal teas and natural desserts on one hand became the haunt of people who sought healthy nutrition and on the other hand the meeting point of the nature conservationalists.

The Buğday restaurant which was opened in a renovated Greek house in a small garden in 1992 prepared its local and seasonal, unrefined food with olive oil and sea salt and served them, without compromising from its principles, in pots with wooden spoons.

Buğday restaurant had been the place for meetings, seminars, courses, dia-shows and exhibitions for the subjects related to self-improvement, nature and ecological life and the small library of local and foreign publications in these fields.

Buğday continued selling ecologically certified products in the foundation of its second year. Buğday, giving direct support to the suppliers and producers of the products like bread, grain, pottery and ecological vegetables, both contributed to the expansion of ecological circulations and encouraged lots of people for such production.

The Buğday restaurant had been the haunt and the meeting point of the people who came from all over the world and were interested in natural living and healthy nutrition. As the number of people seeking information about these issues had increased in time, the need for publishing a bulletin arose.

The Buğday fanzin, previously duplicated by photocopy, transformed to Buğday Bulletin in 1998 and to the Buğday Magazine the following year. It soon became the communication point and the source about any field of ecological living varying from organic agriculture and products to healthy nutrition, self-improvement to natural healing methods and consumption behaviors to ecological architecture.

For living in harmony with other beings and the ecological whole

The Buğday movement decided to institutionalize its operations under the name of Buğday Association for Supporting Ecological Living in  2002.

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